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Work Evolution is Downtown Long Beach's first coworking community: an inspiring environment designed for innovators and influencers. We are home base for a variety of start-ups, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. Members enjoy scalable work spaces and amenities such as high-speed internet, coffee, and a live social network of dynamic professionals. Members can bounce ideas off of each other, share resources, gain feedback, and learn from the experience of others. WE serve as a place for people to explore their creativity and create better ideas that are transformed into viable products and services. Work Evolution is more than just a tech workspace; it is a dynamic community of influencers, social innovators, entrepreneurs, startups, artists, and thinkers. We are the new evolution of how work gets done. 

     Our Late Founder, Markus D. Manley     

Our Late Founder, Markus D. Manley

Mission Statement

Our mission at Work Evolution is to create an environment for individual professionals and startups to thrive within the city of Long Beach. WE encourage and support members in their work and the development of new ideas - ideas that are solving the social, technological, environmental, economic, and urban challenges we face today.


  • To create a healthy and creative workspace, free of distractions, allowing for the increased productivity of our members.
  • To foster the growth of our members’ businesses and creative pursuits by creating connections through networks of like-minded individuals.
  • To develop opportunities for collaboration between members who can share individual experiences and opportunities to overcome challenges
  • To provide immediate access to a wide range of individuals who posses an array of talents and areas of expertise that can be utilized by all members.
  • To establish Work Evolution as the driving force behind the growth of entrepreneurship in both the creative and technology industries of Long Beach.
  • To become an incredible and dynamic asset to the urban community of Long Beach.


A strong coworking community is one that has a variety of qualified experts who share a common goal of being the best at what they do. Working alongside other like-minded professionals helps to increase self-confidence, income, and productivity levels. Our members have immediate access to a credible and trustworthy workforce that can be tapped whenever the need arises, as well as the support of others that face the same trials of being an independent professional. A project’s opportunity for success is only as strong as the network of knowledgeable participants that are involved in it. Therefore, when a member acquires a job that calls for an area of expertise that they do not posses, having instant access to a dynamic group of experts is priceless. 



Humans are social creatures. We want to belong, to participate, and to come together for a higher purpose. The coworking community is one that is dedicated to the values of innovation, collaboration, education, sustainability, and camaraderie within the workplace. From video game developers to mobile app programmers, social mediastrategists to film producers, Work Evolution has a dynamic mix of professionals. In Work Evolution you will find a welcoming group of professionals who are supportive of your success through their willingness to share knowledge and services. 


Work Evolution has a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Members are always excited and open to meeting new people. Visitors into our space often comment on how comfortable they feel in Work Evolution compared to other workspaces. WE believe it’s not only the energy of the people but the way we’ve designed the space as well. WE display a variety of art by local artists as well as an eclectic mix of workspace and open areas. WE even boast a ping-pong and poker table for non-work social interaction. Members are respectful of each others’ personal space and recognize that headphones on often means ‘do not disturb’. Social interaction is welcome and serendipitous. Our members like to work hard and have fun while doing it. 



WE believe that collaboration breeds innovation. And true innovation is achieved through collaboration. Our members value community and participation over agendas and observation. In order to create superior products and services, the sharing of knowledge is important. They understand that collaboration can often transcend competition. 

Work • Learn • Grow

Our motto at Work Evolution is Work • Learn • Grow. We offer members a professional workspace with meeting rooms, a wide variety of business technology, and collaborative tools to get their work done. We offer members workshops, networking events, and access to knowledge-sharing communities of experts. We help members increase their productivity, lead healthier work lives, and gain sustainability through shared resources and a scalable workspace to grow their business.



Work Evolution has a variety of spaces to host both public and private events. WE believe that events are an important part of connecting a community. It is our mission to host dynamic and engaging events within our space. WE believe that the best events help grow and connect our community as well as increase its strength. From workshops to professional speakers, we offer our members the opportunity to grow their skills and knowledge.

WE plan and select our events on the following principles

  • Events that are directly in line with our mission are given higher priority and encouraged
  • Events that are organized by Work Evolution and our members are given higher priority over outside event producers
  • We keep our space rental costs to outside producers low and often ask that event producers give in a meaningful way in the form of free or discounted admission for members who would benefit from attending



By its very nature, coworking is eco-friendly. Resources such as power, phone, internet, and even space are shared more efficiently than having business owners lease a private office or even a home office. But sustainability extends further than just being eco-friendly. Sustainability in a coworking space is also about supporting and nourishing fellow members. The action of giving and contributing helps the community sustain itself. Much of this happens organically and serendipitously, as members of the coworking community work in close proximity to each other. Collaboration and innovation are often products of a simple conversation between members. One member overhears a topic of conversation that he or she may have relevant knowledge of and joins in to offer tips and perspective. Another may need a skilled app developer and finds one looking for work just a table away. A member with a well-established business may find promise in a new member and become his or her mentor. Before you know it, the new member has accelerated his or her business to success and is now hiring fellow members having witnessed their proven ability.

Startups, Entrepreneurs, and Freelancers

Work Evolution offers an inspiring and productive atmosphere not likely to be found in a home or private office. The resources, events, and networks increase the opportunities of success for startups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers. Access to such networks are especially vital in the early stages of every endeavor. Despite all of today’s technological advances, the best relationships are built face to face. Startups have access to a pool of skilled professionals who are available for limited employment on their projects. Entrepreneurs gain knowledge as well as partners in collaboration. Freelancers find a diverse choice of jobs to select from depending on their interest.



At Work Evolution, we are working to become a bigger asset to our member community while extending our network to the greater public community as well. WE are constantly creating new ideas and ways to reach out to our city and the world. With this mission, WE have plans to do a great many things. Currently, WE are planning to open a fabrication lab that offers everything from laser cutting to 3D printing. WE are already working with members to start mentorship programs for the local youth and college students. And WE are becoming a designated source of skilled professionals for both existing and new businesses to fulfill their service needs.

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235 E. Broadway, 8th Floor

Long Beach, CA 90802

Phone : (562) 270-2642


Mon-Fri: 9am-6pm

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