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The Value of Community

We are an active community of social innovators and influencers that enjoy the option of a lunch buddy daily. We come together to exchange ideas and advice, collaborate, and participate in engaging events with like-minded people. The members of our community share their talents and provide support with the goal of solving problems. Together We create new opportunities.


WE Academy

WE Academy's mission is to provide access to the tools, technical skills and knowledge essential to employment and entrepreneurialism in a 21st century job marketplace. We have set out the following vision:

Ensure all people have access to career and business opportunities in an evolving 21st century job market, where value is added by real world experience. In order to provide the community with this type of experience, we will:

  • Fill the knowledge gap in our workforce by offering training and education focused on advanced technical, advanced skills development and entrepreneurialism.
  • Empower our youth and ignite their entrepreneurial drive.
  • Take things to the next level by providing internship and work opportunities after program completion.

To begin to fulfill our mission and vision, we are launching the following educational programs as well as the Markus Manley Dream Fund.

Youth and Entrepreneurialism: Technology

This programming series will be youth focused and offer introductory training in basic programming, giving students the choice between basic video game development or basic phone app creation. We envision two small cohorts of approximately five students taking classes over a period of two to three months or two to three weeks (condensed) depending on logistical and partner availability and recommendations. Robert West (Robotronic Games) and Jeff Algera (Principle) are our community talent for this programming. As we progress with planning, we will work to expand our community instructor talent pool in order to ensure we have adequate resources for this envisioned program.

Youth and Entrepreneurialism: Art/Design/Production

This programming series will focus on providing rising stars in graphic design and other technology heavy artistic and design focus crafts with mentorship focused on entrepreneurial skill development and portfolio development. We envision one or two cohorts of approximately five students attending seminars over a period of two to three months or two to three weeks (condensed) depending on logistical and partner availability and recommendations. Ideally, this program would serve as a second step; complementing existing youth outreach programs in the area with advanced tutorials on ares including graphic design, and video production. 


Markus Manley founded Work Evolution Laboratories with a vision to encourage entrepreneurialism in our community. He did this by providing a place and network where ideas are welcome and entrepreneurs are supported. Through the Markus Manley Dream Fund, we hope to continue Markus’ unwavering vision of our community as a dynamic marketplace of ideas and innovation.

The Markus Manley Dream fund raises funds, then distributes and proctors small, competitive grants to youth who have ideas and projects that would improve our community. Our first grant opportunity will be available during the summer of 2015. More information about the Dream Fund and its next round of applications will be announced in July, 2017.

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