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A WE Labs Update

As you may have heard, WE Labs at the Packard has closed. While WE were determined to help Greater Long Beach realize its full potential by activating our oftentimes forgotten central neighborhoods, the stars just weren’t quite aligned. The Packard will be moving in a different direction without WE Labs and WE wish them well.

WE Labs is as always, determined to lift up Greater Long Beach, including areas outside of downtown. WE are actively exploring alternative, more mission aligned spaces throughout Greater Long Beach and will update everyone on our plans real soon! Great things are still in store for WE Labs!

WE love you, WE love Long Beach and wholeheartedly believe that our city is the best city. Long Beach is a perfect example of what determined people can do when they work together to solve problems and lift each other up. WE Labs is more and more successful every day and it’s because of the tremendous support from our community, our members, from people like YOU.

WE’ve got a whole calendar of events and activities at WE Labs HQ at 235 East Broadway, 8th Floor, and throughout the city with our various partners, so please stay tuned and join us!


Go Long Beach!


Scholarship Application

 Our mission is to create an environment for entrepreneurs to thrive within Long Beach. We know that entrepreneurs are vital to our community and have the potential to change the way we live and work. That is why WE Labs is awarding one entrepreneur from Long Beach a twelve-month scholarship of our Communal Membership!


Co-working is Thriving

Did you know that people who belong to co-working spaces are happier and more productive than their traditional office-dwelling counterparts? It’s true! According to a recent study by the Ross School of Business, people thrive in coworking spaces1. After surveying hundreds of workers from dozens of coworking spaces around the U.S., Ross School researchers determined that people choosing co-working spaces find their work more meaningful than the typical office or home-based worker and they feel more in control of their job while being part of a larger community2. Additional research on co-working suggests that the social interaction that takes place at co-working spaces provides people with more opportunities for collaboration and innovation than can be achieved when working from home or a traditional office3. It is clear there is something to this thing called co-working.


Bootstrap Beach Marketing Series: An Introduction to Planning

  • Are you starting a new business and you'd like to know how to plan out your marketing strategy? Maybe you are an existing business and you've hit a wall with your communication efforts and you need a fresh perspective?

    If you answered yes to either of the above questions, you should join Innovatory and amaraReps for this Introduction to Marketing and Communication Planning Workshop at WE Labs. In the first hour of this two hour session, Amara Omoregie and Lincoln Bauer will provide you with an overview of marketing/communication planning focusing on goal setting and measurable objectives. In the second hour of this workshop, they will provide participants with group coaching, helping to develop solutions to challenge statements and marketing/communication needs.


    Heres the Link for rsvp



Meet The Angels!

Pasadena Angels is a community of investors who provide financial help to startups and business owners. They provide the necessary capital, expertise, and network for companies that are in their early stages and need the extra support to take their idea to the next level.

As a nonprofit entity, their member-led organization reviews all business plans and provide feedback without charge to all businesses that apply. Pasadena Angels’ primary focus is on business ventures in Southern California. They are interested in supporting companies who are lead by a skilled and dynamic team of founders and advisors.

Want to know about the world of angel investing and venture capital? If so, you won't want to miss this: Pasadena Angels will be having a panel discussion on August 19th, 6PM at WE Labs. With Uncoded.org, we will be hosting this Meet The Angels event allowing all interested to learn more about angel investing and asks questions. You won't want to miss this opportunity, click here to RSVP and secure your spot!

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